Sian Morgan

Sian Morgan
Head of Laboratory
All Wales Medical Genomics Service



 Sian Morgan

Sian Morgan
Head of Laboratory
All Wales Medical Genomics Service



Service Feedback

As part of our quality management system, and in order to assess the needs and requirements of our customer, we welcome any feedback on our service.
To view our quality policy please click here.
If you have any complaints, comments or suggestions, please contact:


lisa griffiths

       Lisa Griffiths,
       Quality Manager
       Tel: +44(0)2921842641;
       Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Alternatively you can contact Lisa by post using the address information above. 
Upon request, the Laboratory shall make its estimates of measurement uncertainty available to service users.

Issues & Incidents

The laboratory has a documented incident management process which aims to correct identified problems and for the necessary action to be taken to prevent future incidents.


putting things right
    We operate an “open” culture; it is accepted best practice that the continual monitoring of incidents facilitates continual learning and service improvement.
    This assures our service users that systems are fit for purpose and that professional guidelines are being followed to ensure a consistent, high-quality outcome.
   Please click here for our Putting Things Right Policy


General Advice

The head of the laboratory or the scientists are happy to give advice on scientific or technical matters and to discuss the availability of tests and the progress of individual samples with healthcare professionals only. For counselling and clinical issues, or enquiries from patients, please contact the Clinical Genetics department on +44(0)2921842577 or access the clinical genetics pages of the website. 

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