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The All Wales Medical Genetics Service has a dedicated prenatal genetics service covering the whole of Wales. The clinical team comprise of clinical geneticists and genetic counsellors. We work closely with the genetic laboratory and various Fetal medicine and Obstetrics teams to provide the best care for women or couples referred to our service during a pregnancy. 
You might be referred to the AWMGS because you are pregnant and the possibility of a genetic condition which might affect your unborn child has been raised. This could be because you know of a genetic condition in your/your partner’s family or tests during your pregnancy might suggest your baby has a genetic condition. For example problems might have been identified on the antenatal scans. 
If you would like to discuss this with us, we would encourage you to ask for a referral from one of your healthcare team (Obstetrician, Midwife or GP) to us as soon as possible. Being seen by the AWMGS early in the pregnancy might mean you have more testing options. Once you are referred, the prenatal genetics team will be in contact with you quite quickly. This is usually within a couple of days. 
At the appointment with us, we will discuss the results of any genetic testing you have already had. Depending on the genetic condition identified in your family, or the specific anomalies identified on your antenatal scans, we will explain the genetic testing options available for you. This is always a very personal decision and you do not need to have testing if you do not want to.

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