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Germline genetic testing:  Requires patient consent. Where consent is required, it is the responsibility of the clinician requesting the test to obtain this and it is assumed that this has been done if a sample is sent to the laboratory.
Somatic genetic testing:  Does not require documentation of consent as the primary aim of the test is to detect changes in the DNA or RNA that will inform the diagnosis, treatment and management of an individual patient’s cancer.
Most genetic testing involves ongoing storage of DNA/RNA and this should be discussed explicitly with patients.

Request forminformation
All samples must be accompanied by a request form with the following information clearly given:                                             
Patient’s full name
Date of birth
Hospital number and/or genetics number
Name of referring clinician and hospital (no initials please)
Date sample taken
Clinical details and test required
Relevant family history


Download IconGenetics Diagnostic Laboratory Request Form (Bloods samples)
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Samples must be packaged such that patient confidentiality is maintained and leaks/contamination of courier is prevented; high risk samples, such as HIV or Hepatitis B/C, must be clearly identified. All packages must conform to current regulations on transport of biological samples.
Send samples to: 
Sample Reception
All Wales Genomics Laboratory
Institute of Medical Genetics
University Hospital of Wales
Heath Park
CF14 4XW

AWMGS Icon Pack Phone+44 (0)2921842641                                    
Samples should arrive in the laboratory as soon as possible, ideally before 17:00 on the day of sampling. They can be refrigerated overnight if necessary but please do not freeze.


Please note that the quality of the test will be affected if the sample is collected in the wrong anticoagulant/container, exposed to extreme temperature or delayed in transit – this may cause the test to fail.
If molecular and cytogenetic tests are needed, separate EDTA and lithium heparin (LiHep) samples are required, but they can be packaged together.



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Prenatal samples


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Post Mortem Samples


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