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The all Wales Infants’ and ChildreN’s Genome Service (WINGS) service is available for acutely unwell children with a likely underlying genetic cause. This test is currently only available on a trio basis. This means the child and BOTH parents must have samples taken. Alternative rapid genetic testing is available if only one parent is present.

Please contact the AWMGS on 02921 842577 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) to discuss any child you think may be eligible for WINGS.
Essential Criteria for WINGS

1. Suspected underlying monogenic cause.
2. DNA sample is available from both parents and they are willing to consent to testing.
3. A timely genetic diagnosis (within 2-3 weeks) may significantly alter the clinical management of the patient.
4. The imminent demise of the patient is unlikely – if the clinical condition is worsening and death is likely, other testing strategies may be more appropriate. Please bank DNA (ideally before any blood transfusions) and contact Clinical Genetics to discuss.
High Priority Criteria for WINGS
5. There is no obvious single genetic test to do from the presenting phenotype.
6. The patient presents with a likely genetic disorder, but specific diagnostic tests available for that phenotype have failed to arrive at a diagnosis or are not accessible within a reasonable timeframe.

Please click here for the referral pack, which contains a clinical pathway checklist, request forms, consent forms (x3, one for each family member taking part), and a patient information leaflet.
Please find an editable word copy of the Request Form below:

More detailed technical information can be found here.
 The AWMGS also have an on call service, which can be contacted on the same telephone number. Please contact the on call service if you would like a patient to be reviewed on the ward or if you have any other urgent clinical questions.


WINGS Online Training Materials
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What type of tests have we previously used sequencing test for?
If you request a panel test such as an epilepsy panel of infantile panel, that is a sequencing test. Any test where you are looking for specific changes or "spelling mistakes" in the sequence. We also use sequence testing for single gene test such as when we look at the CHD7 gene in patients presenting with a CHARGE phenotype.
This kind of testing was previously only available for very specific tests but with the introduction of the new whole genome test, we have able to look on a much broader scale.

Who will be ordering these tests?
A NICU or PICU Consultant or Registrar following a telephone discussion with the on call Clinical Genetics team (Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00 – Telephone Number: 029218 42577).

The parents are not biologically related to the patient, can they still access a rapid whole genome sequencing trio test?

This test is currently only available for patients where blood samples are available from both biological parents. This should be considered when counselling those undergoing testing and when taking a family history. Remember to think about situations where this is relevant (e.g. egg or sperm donors, adoption, non-paternity, etc).
Please direct any questions you may have about this new service to:
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