Chromosome Breakage Service Update
Due to potential delays with transport, it would be beneficial if any sample for chromosome breakage cytogenetic testing could be forwarded directly from the clinic to the Aberdeen laboratory in order to obtain the sample as soon as possible and maximise the chance of getting a good quality result. Just as a reminder, 4ml of blood in a lithium heparin tube for the chromosome breakage screen.
Please also notify the Cardiff Laboratory in order that a control sample can be dispatched.

Lab Photo
 The address for the Aberdeen laboratory is as follows:
Laboratory Genetics and Molecular Pathology
Polwarth Building
AB25 2ZD
Phone: 01224 559972

Please note, the laboratory cannot accept any samples that are COVID 19 positive or suspected positive.
NGS testing will also still be available on request if required. EDTA blood samples should continue to be sent to the Cardiff laboratory for DNA extraction and forwarding onto the Aberdeen laboratory for the NGS panel.
Aberdeen have asked that when sending samples you include notification if the result is required for a particular date in order that testing can be prioritised.
For any queries, please contact the laboratories in Cardiff and/or Aberdeen.